24/07/2015 Queso De La Serena

Special dish of the week: the creamiest Queso De La Serena scooped onto thin slices of toasted bread. Cheers to the weekend!

Mercat's photo.

17/7/2015 Spanish Leg of Lamb

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all our friends! Our Raya special dish comes in the form of a succulent Spanish leg of lamb served with light garlic emulsion sauce, mushroom and vegetables. We’ll be open throughout the holidays!


19/06/2015 Montes de Toledo

Creamy Montes de Toledo goat’s cheese served with almond emulsion, grapes, pistachio and quince paste. While stocks last!

Montes de toledo

30/01/2015 Pa de Coca

Coca Bread; This is a traditional and popular Catalan bread, whose origin comes thanks to the use of bread dough that had not swollen. Instead of dismissing this dough the housewives baked flat. The characteristics of the coca bread are that it has practically no crumb, you will find little that is fluffy, full of air holes, which makes it very light; its crust is very thin but crispy. Now is ones of the classical and traditional bread that we have in Barcelona.  Now available at Mercat!!!

Pa de CocaPa de CocaPa de Coca

(28/1/2015) Menu of the day

Calamari with cheese cream and tomato vinaigrette.