4/2/2016 Mar i Montanya: Cuttlefish Tagliatelle

Our special dish this week is a great way to welcome the Chinese New Year: Catalonian “Mar i Montanya” Cuttlefish Tagliatelle with pork belly and cauliflower sauce. The flavours and texture of the pork belly, cuttlefish and sauce meld together beautifully – you might just want this one all to yourself.

3/12/2015 Txogitxu Beef from Basque Country

A very special dish of the day: top Txogitxu beef from Basque Country, served with polenta fries and padron pepper. A meal fit for a king.


26/11/2015 Mediterranean Carabinero Prawn Paella

Chef David can’t stop raving about this week’s special dish: the Mediterranean Carabinero Prawn Paella is a winner!

22/9/2015 Roasted Vegetables with Iberico Foam

Our special dish today is super amazing! Fresh vegetables roasted in Iberico lard, served with Iberico foam – even the kids won’t say no to this!

12/9/2015 Bamboo Clams & Rack of Lamb

It’s your lucky week: we have two dishes of the week! Take your pick between juicy Bamboo Clams with tomato vinaigrette and garlic infusion, and the Rack of Lamb with pistachio praline, cauliflower sauce and vegetables. Better yet – take both!

13/2/2015 New Special Cheese: Valdeon

One of the charismatic Spanish cheeses is Valdeon. This is a piquant blue cheese made from cow’s and goat’s milk, sometimes ewe’s milk. It is made with blue Penicillium mould and formed into wheels from 500g to 3kg. It is buttery and a little caramelized with a sharp tang, It has an excellent balance of sweet and tangy perfect to finish a meal with a little quince paste, (Membrillo).

Valdeon is made in a valley high in the Picos de Europa in the province of Castilla y Leon in the north east of Spain. Here the herds of animals graze in the mountain valley pastures and the cheese made from their milk aged in the natural caves in the mountains above. The region is not far from the coast and subsequent high rainfall sees a humid climate that encourages the development of the microbial flora that helps develop the cheeses as they age.

The cheeses are wrapped in sycamore leaves or chestnut leaves after they have matured.

1/2/2015 Jenny , Mercat Assistant Manager

Although she doesn’t need much introduction as is well known for everyone, Jenny is our assistant manager!
We asked her about her favorite drink, and she said Vermouth Izaguirre thanks to its good aromatic intensity in the mouth.
Come to Mercat and say, Hi Jenny!!!

31/1/2015 Wine by Glass

The 2010 Bodegas Muga Reserva displays shades of dark, yet bright ruby color with the purplish and glints as the eye moves towards the rim of the glass. On the nose, the wine exudes aromas of clearly-defined, very dominant red and black fruit. The most outstanding aspect of this vintage is the initial attack: juicy, meaty, dominant, mineral, structured elegant with light tannic appendices.

Blend: 70% Tempranillo, 20% Garnacha, 7% Mazuelo and 3% Graciano.

30/01/2015 Pa de Coca

Coca Bread; This is a traditional and popular Catalan bread, whose origin comes thanks to the use of bread dough that had not swollen. Instead of dismissing this dough the housewives baked flat. The characteristics of the coca bread are that it has practically no crumb, you will find little that is fluffy, full of air holes, which makes it very light; its crust is very thin but crispy. Now is ones of the classical and traditional bread that we have in Barcelona.  Now available at Mercat!!!

Pa de CocaPa de CocaPa de Coca

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